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Calgary dad creating family challenges for those managing coronavirus isolation

One Calgary dad is doing what he can to keep his kids occupied during the coronavirus pandemic, and he’s got a daily challenge that you can participate in.

Stay-at-home dad Dion Brake is behind the Twitter account @YYCisolation Brake decided to come up with something to keep his son occupied during this coronavirus outbreak and isolation protocols.

“My son lost connection with his play-school buddies, so I created a way for them to stay connected a little bit,” said Brake.

Brake and his two sons, Franklin, 4, and Thompson, 1, take on different household challenges such as finding one item in the home and stacking it as high as one can, or going through your fridge to find the oldest item of food.

Brake encourages all to show what they have done in times of isolation and social distancing.

“As I got more of an idea of what I was doing, I thought I would build an Instagram and Twitter for it,” he said.

“If I can extract what I’m doing to the community, it might give a chance for people to not think about 15 to 20 minutes of their day.”

Brake, with his wife and two kids, went into a semi-isolation last Friday, and knows that it will be difficult to keep his children safe outside the home.

“[My kids] are gonna touch everything. I’ve personally seen them both licking God-awful things,” he said.

“We’re just taking this day-by-day. The situation right now is how do we keep [my kids] active. I’m a little scared even to take my kids to the playground now, but as long as we have something to do, we’ll be fine.”

Solidarity with health care workers

Brake says it’s going to be interesting to see how we keep ourselves entertained and still be a part of the community.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi gave a shout-out March.18 on twitter to YYCisolation. They are now gaining momentum on Twitter for posting daily challenges that can be done within one’s home.

“If I can get enough followers, and enough people behind this, then I plan to put ribbons on my trees in solidarity for our Healthcare workers.”