Phoenix Foundation’s BlendEd classes provide tailored education for Calgary kids

Blending the best of online, home-schooling and classroom education, tailored to your Calgary child's best interests

Diana Stinn, co-founder of the Phoenix Education Foundation in Calgary. They provided custom K-9 education that blends the best of home-schooling, classrooms and online education.

What if your child could have the best of traditional classrooms, online learning and home schooling all bundled into one – right here in Calgary?

Students at the Phoenix Education Foundation’s non-profit, independent school in southeast Calgary, get a customized K-9 education that fosters ongoing growth in areas where they excel, and focuses on extra attention in areas where they’re challenged.

“Kids don’t pop out being generalists. They have immediate gifts and challenges,” said Diana Stinn, Co-Founder of Phoenix.

“And so, our job is to address those gifts and challenges to work with the gifts and to assist them and understanding their challenges.”

Stinn said when you ask students what grade they’re in, they respond, “in what?”  That’s the flexibility in working with a publicly accredited and funded education program that’s geared towards the kids.

‘Kids don’t pop out being generalists.’

Diana Stinn – Phoenix co-founder

They can work on their lessons online, or they can use the school’s onsite Creation Studio to apply the skills they’ve learned in practical application. All lessons are prepared from scratch and built by teachers that get one hour of prep time for each hour of teaching, Stinn said.

“So, it’s fresh for everybody, fresh for the teacher,” she said.

“None of them are, ‘open to page 47 of your textbook and read this paragraph.’”

Flexible learning a cornerstone for Phoenix Foundation

Stinn said the flexibility is perfect for severe special needs students who might thrive in certain learning environments. It’s also an ideal stream for student athletes that need to learn on the fly while working in their sports discipline. If your child is a math wiz but struggles to read at their grade level, that’s ideal for Phoenix Foundation’s style of learning.

“That’s huge for kids’ self-esteem. So, if you’re in a regular classroom and not succeeding in a certain aspect, that takes a heavy toll on what you think you can do,” she said.

Students that enroll at Phoenix don’t pay tuition for their base studies. It’s one of the only private schools in Alberta that doesn’t charge more. But, it’s free to a point. Families are afforded access to the school’s infrastructure – including an allotted number of private sessions and field trips. Should they extend beyond that, there’s a fee.

Parent participation in the child’s education is also required. And they keep costs down by avoiding the challenge of providing transportation to and from the school.

“We need parents who are equal partners in the education process. So, there is a cost. But it’s a parenting cost,” Stinn said.

“It lets us focus on actually doing our job, which is educating kids.”

For more information on Phoenix Education Foundation’s unique learning opportunities, visit their website or give them a call at 403-265-7701 and arrange a tour of their unique space and see the latest theme.

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