Driverseat Calgary wants you to make the right choice to get home safe

On-demand transit option perfect for those nights out in Calgary when you and your friends want to get home safely

Rahul Kumar of Driverseat Calgary said they're transportation problem solvers.

More frontline Calgary police officers are equipped with breathalyzers.

Why should that concern you? Previously, alcohol screenings were mostly done by the Checkstop units. Now, at any time, if you’re pulled over for any traffic offense, you can be subject to alcohol screening.

There’s a simple solution.

Driverseat Calgary provides on-demand transportation solutions conveniently through their easily downloadable smartphone app, giving you a safe, reliable alternative to get home. Plus, you can have the peace of mind you won’t get tagged with an impaired.

“We don’t want anyone on the road who may endanger the general public by driving while intoxicated – even after two drinks,” said Rahul Kumar, owner of Driverseat Calgary.

“When you can set up safe transportation in advance, why would anyone take the chance of getting an impaired, or worse, seriously injuring or killing someone on the road.”

‘We don’t want anyone on the road who may endanger the general public by driving while intoxicated – even after two drinks.’

Rahul Kumar – Owner, Driverseat Calgary

Kumar’s micro-transit option covers all of Calgary and surrounding communities and is a clever option if a night on the town is on your mind. They can transport individuals, couples and larger groups looking for a less expensive option compared with other mobility options in Calgary.

There’s no surge pricing. You can get a quick ride from a professional driver. You can watch the vehicle in real-time so there’s no guessing on its arrival.

And you can do it all from your smartphone.

Download and book your first trip on the app using Welcome20 to get 20% off your trip.

“It’s never been easier to find a safe, affordable ride home,” said Kumar.

“The risk just isn’t worth it.”

Safe driving options for groups of all sizes

Driverseat has mini-vans for smaller loads, along with 14 seaters for larger trips. All drivers are uniformed, specially-trained and have clean driver abstracts and police background check. Safety is a priority for Driverseat, both for chauffeurs and their precious cargo.

Technology makes it easy for Driverseat clients to access the rides they need, when they need them. You can book multiple trips in advance or do it on demand. They’re flexible and reliable.

“Transportation is changing in Calgary, and Driverseat is driving that change,” Kumar said.

Driverseat is available in more than 400 communities across Canada. You can download their app in the Apple Store and at Google Play.

For more information visit their website.

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