LiveWire Calgary In-house podcast: Peter Schryvers – Bad Data book launch

LIVE: From Ol' Beautiful Brewing Co. - LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause talks with author Peter Schryvers

More than 100 people gathered at Calgary's Ol' Beautiful Brewing Co. for the book launch and live interview with author Peter Schryvers. TWITTER / @ANNALISEAK

More than 100 people joined first-time author Peter Schryvers at the Feb. 6 launch of his new book: Bad Data – Why We Measure the Wrong Things and Often Miss the Metrics That Matter.

Supporters packed Ol’ Beautiful Brewery in the Inglewood / Ramsay area of Calgary to join Peter for the celebration and listen to the live interview with LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause.

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Live Interview with Peter Schryvers – Feb. 6, 2020 – Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

More than just the contents of the book, Schryvers and Krause talk about the challenge of writing a book, some of the roadblocks along the way and some of the most compelling data sets.

In a book about measuring data, Krause asked Schryvers if measuring book sales was the proper way to determine the success of the book – find out he has to say!

Schryvers also teases a couple of potential new book ideas now that he’s got a taste for putting pen to paper.

Enjoy the listen!

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