Common Ground YYC – S2E3: Brian Hahn, BILD Calgary CEO

BILD Calgary CEO Brian Hahn talks with host Darren Krause about the 14 new communities and the future of growth in our city


Increasingly when you hear about development in Calgary, you hear about the divide between suburban (new) and established area growth.

It often pits citizens against one another, insisting that one must happen to a greater degree than the other. There’s no doubt it’s a divisive issue in Calgary.

In Season 2, Episode 3, co-host Darren Krause sits down in conversation with BILD Calgary Region CEO, Brian Hahn to talk about some of the issues around Calgary’s future growth the establishment of 14 new suburban communities and how their organization is evolving to meet the demands of our city’s long-term sustainability.

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The two cover a wide range of Calgary development issues in a cordial conversation on one of the city’s most pressing issues.

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