No charges in Evanston tainted food incidents

Calgary police said the senior citizen believed responsible was dealing with emerging mental health concerns

Calgary had asked residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity after poisoned food was found in an Evanston greenspace last August. CHELSEY MUTTER / LIVEWIRE CALGARY

Charges won’t be laid against a Calgary senior police believe was responsible for leaving tainted food in parks in a northwest community.

Calgary police had alerted residents last summer in the community of Evanston to be on the lookout for suspicious food and substances in the greenspace next to Evanston Square NW after a string of incidents.

Residents in the area told LiveWire Calgary at the time that a series of incidents of this nature had been ongoing for some time. Police said there have been at least seven reported cases, with food contaminated with household cleaners and automobile products.

With assistance from the community, an investigation identified a senior citizen who police say is believed to have left the tainted food in the parks. As police furthered their investigation and interviewed the family, it was revealed the person was dealing with emerging mental health concerns.

After a review by the Crown Prosecutors’ office, they’ve decided it wasn’t in the public interest to lay charges. Instead, the family and the individual were connected to mental wellness supports.

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