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Graffiti vandals hit BRCA; refurbished wood door spray painted

The day after someone vandalized the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association (BRCA), a community member showed up and volunteered to start scraping paint from the window.

Around 3:45 a.m. Monday, taggers blitzed the northeast community association building with spray painting graffiti in at least six locations, including a newly-refinished wood front door.

Pam Swan, facility manager with the BRCA, said her heart sunk when she showed up to see the damage.

“It’s very disheartening and very disappointing to see that somebody would do that to our building and around the community,” Swan said.

This summer they had their building’s beautiful wood door refinished – at a cost of $600. Now, depending on how tough it will be to remove the paint, they may have to have it refinished again.

The BRCA’s newly-refinished front door was hit by the taggers. COURTESY BRCA

“We have a very tight (building maintenance) budget, so it’s going to hurt us,” Swan said, noting that with the year ending they’re limited with their budget. She also mentioned they wouldn’t claim it on insurance because of the higher deductible.

“Obviously we want it done before the minus 20 weather comes again, so we can’t put it off until next year’s budget.”

The CA’s security cameras caught footage of the perps, including one that showed one of the taggers doing the deed while the other filmed with a smartphone.

And apparently the duo went on a tagging spree in the community that night, hitting other locations in the area.

Community support lightens the load

Swan said the City of Calgary’s graffiti abatement team will lend a hand to get rid of the paint and they even had a local business reach out over email to see if they could send a crew over to help.

“So that’s really nice to see that kind of outreach and kindness come towards us to help us out,” Swan said.

“It’s just nice to see that people, they see it, they immediately want to help solve the problem and fix it.

The Calgary police are involved in the investigation. Anyone with information on the incident can call the non-emergency line at 403—266-1234, citing case #19518512.