Driverseat Calgary solving city transportation problems

Calgary micro-transit company Driverseat is 'driving the transportation change' in our city

Rahul Kumar of Driverseat Calgary said they're transportation problem solvers. LIVEWIRE

Driverseat Calgary co-owner Rahul Kumar said they’re filling a transit void in the city, with on-demand transportation that provides a real human touch.

He calls it micro-transit.

It’s Calgary’s newest mobility option – a combined chauffeur and shuttle service, meaning you can get around in their vans or your own car.

Their clients can tap into the Driverseat app, reserve a ride or a driver and use the service for anything from grocery shopping or medical visits to a night on the town with the fellas. Perhaps for that upcoming bachelorette party or even the wedding night?

With the holiday season nearing, Kumar said it’s the perfect opportunity for Calgarians to book the Designated Driver service on their app. You can see in real time how far away your safe ride is. He said they’ll be the lowest cost option over the holidays and “we’ll out care the competition.”

“A lot of this is customers teaching us what they’d like to do,” said Kumar, whose background is in the transportation industry.

“It’s just the ease of getting a complicated task done with just one phone call.”

Kumar and his wife Shelly said there are few transportation options like this for families to get around with kids. They know these challenges well, with two children of their own. After all, it’s tough to get the kids’ car seats into the back of an Uber or a taxi, Kumar said – if they even let you at all.

No drive is too small for Driverseat Calgary. Few are too large, too.

One of the more interesting recent calls came from China. A group of tourists need drivers to chauffer them into the mountains for a camping trip. Kumar said they’ve got a 10-day trip planned to Vancouver and back, with stops at five different campgrounds.

You have the transportation challenge, they’re up for it.

They have mini-vans for smaller loads, along with 14 seaters for larger trips. All drivers are uniformed, specially-trained and have clean driver abstracts and police background check. Safety is a priority for Driverseat, both for chauffeurs and their precious cargo.

Kumar said micro-transit solutions like his are the wave of the future, with wide adoption in cities across North America. They’re being used to fill the void left by city transit systems, taxis and ridesharing because they’re safe, reliable and deliver personal service.

That’s what he continues to build in Calgary.

“We’ve looked at so many businesses. We wanted to do something that was going to make a difference,” Kumar said.  

“Transportation is changing in Calgary, and Driverseat is driving that change.”

Driverseat is available in more than 400 communities across Canada. You can download their app in the Apple Store and at Google Play.

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