Calgary brand Wear Empathy a clothier with social conscience

For every item sold through Wear Empathy a percentage is donated to a local charity

Josie Lukey (left) and Jordan are the two behind Wear Empathy. Photo Courtesy Josie Lukey.

It’s been a long road of self-discovery for Wear Empathy founder Josie Lukey. 

At 23-years-old, she quit her job in mainstream media to join a Calgary startup while working on launching her own business. 

In mid-September, Lukey launched Wear Empathy along with her sister, Jordan. It’s a brand dedicated to upcycling clothing and donating a portion of each sale to charity.  

“Working in mainstream media exposed me to all sorts of pressing issues in the community. When I talked with people, they spoke passionately about needing help,” Lukey said. 

“So I looked at how I could change my life to help while doing something that I’m passionate about.”

For the past year, Lukey and her small but mighty team have gone to several thrift and vintage stores across Alberta to curate high-quality items to sell. Together, they steam each item, fix any slight damages and prep them for a new home. 

For every sale, $1 is donated to charity for items under $200 or a percentage for items sold over $200.

“When my sister came to me with the idea of creating a company that gives back to the community, of course I wanted to be a part of that,” said Jordan Lukey, a consultant with Wear Empathy.

“It may not seem like very much. When people put on an item they bought from Wear Empathy they can be rest assured their small contribution is going to make a big impact in a year from now.”

Partnering with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

For the next year, Wear Empathy has partnered with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter (CWES). This means that for all items bought until September 2020, proceeds from each sale will be donated to the CWES. 

Josie said as a women-run business, partnering with the CWES is perfect for their first year of business.

“Our brand draws its strength from those seeking to improve the lives of people everyday. So to partner with an organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse for women, children and men, that’s exactly the organization I want to help support in anyway I can.” 

Visit to check out their latest items on sale. Or follow Wear Empathy on Facebook or Instagram to be the first ones to know about new releases.

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