Video: Train of Terror set to scare at Aspen Crossing

First you have to survive their headquarters, then it's off to Dreamland Corp's research train in this 2-hour Halloween adventure

Can you survive Canada's only moving Halloween train haunt? CONTRIBUTED

These dreams could turn into your worst nightmares.

Especially when it starts off in the unconscious mind of someone else. Yes, their wildest dreams turned to reality.

Fortunately, there’s a way out. You just have to survive to reach it.

You must first weave your way through Dreamland Corp’s research centre, board their moving research train and untangle yourself from the web of the wildest test subject dreams. Or, rather, their nightmares.

Sound scary? It isn’t. It’s terrifying.

Aspen Crossing’s Halloween Train of Terror Phase 1 begins when you check in at their fully transformed train station. It’s a maze of test subject dreams that you must escape. Charming… Chilling.

Don’t worry, you get a bit of a refreshment break between the narrow escape from Dreamland Corp. where you can sum up the courage to jump into the railway rampage – Phase 2.

Train of Terror: Phase 2

The Train of Terror’s Phase 2 is a sinister journey through a series of haunted railway cars shrouded in the frightening and disturbing dreams of those test souls that made it to the second stage of research.

This 18+, two-hour psychological thrill ride will test your sanity – twice – before reuniting you with other survivors in a celebration with drinks and food for purchase.

This Halloween experience is great for couples, but is best with a team of friends. So, bring them all and test their nerve in this one-of-a-kind railway adventure.

The Train of Terror at Aspen Crossing includes 2 haunts, a 90-minute railway journey, plenty of space to share your experiences with friends and plenty of food and drinks for purchase. Tickets are $66.6.

With a little luck, when you depart for the night, you might learn about Dreamland Corporation’s plans for Phase 3. It’s a top-secret experiment that takes dream manipulation to an entirely new – and horrifying – level.

Can you handle the horror? Dreamland Corp. dares you to climb aboard.

Aspen Crossing is a year-round recreation facility located 45 minutes southeast of Calgary in Alberta’s beautiful Prairie landscape.

For more information on the Train of Terror visit the dedicated site.

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