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Calgary artist asking for ‘intimate memories’ for Central Library performance

A local artist is asking Calgarians to get intimate for the Calgary Public Library. 

Well, describe an intimate memory. 

L.O.V.E deconstructed is a research project led by Calgary artist Barbara England. For it, Calgarians can submit an audio recording of a single intimate memory that involves themselves and one other person. 

“I leave the submission open to people’s own description of what an intimate memory is. So there are descriptions of lovers, of course,” said England.

“One really fascinating one is someone who met an older woman on a street in Toronto who didn’t remember who she was. So she asked this person to shuffle in her purse to see if there was a way to find out who she was.”

A so-called “memory bank” will be created with hundreds of intimate memories.  England will then intertwine and reconstruct the stories to create a performance. She calls it “a new, shared experience that reflects the collective identity of the city.”

“Part of it is a way to de-commodify performance to create a situation where it’s anti-spectacle so that the voice of the community is actually heard. It’s not me representing what I think the community it saying,” England said.

Central Library performance part of upcoming festival

The project is part of Springboard Performance’s Fluid Festival. The festival brings together artists and audiences to stir the city with contemporary art, dance and physical performance. 

Artistic director Nicole Mion said working with the new Central Library was key in inspiring and connecting the city.

“We’ve invited three or four different artists to work there. So you can walk into the library and come across their pieces and get intimate with their work in a community focused place.”

L.O.V.E deconstructed will culminate in a live performance at the new Central Library on Oct. 26 and 27. 

Share your own intimate memory by recording a one-to-five-minute story using a smartphone, laptop or recording device. The audio files must be sent as a voice memo, .mp3 or  .wav file to love.deconstructed@springboardpreformance.com

The deadline to submit memories is Sept. 15.