Calgary skating academy focuses on FUN-damentals

World class coaches teaching skating fundamentals at Calgary skating school

Kids learn skating at the CanSkate program at Don Hartman North East Sportsplex in Calgary on Monday, May 27, 2019. (Photo by Azin Ghaffari/LiveWire Calgary)

North Edge Skating Academy owner Lyndsey Ford says skating is one of those sports that looks easier than it actually is.

If your family is interested in strapping on the blades and hitting the ice to learn skating basics at Calgary’s North Edge Skating Academy, you’ll being instructed by some of the world’s best.

Ford, along with her husband Bernard (4-time world ice dancing champion and Olympic coach) and Jason Turner (1994 Olympian and world team member), invite skaters of all ages and abilities to come join them for their summer programs.

And don’t worry about the coaches’ pedigree – they’re here to make the experience fun while you learn.

“One of the first things that we try to do is make it enjoyable. That’s because it’s scary, right? It’s cold, and the ice is hard, and nobody wants to fall, so it’s our job to erase those fears and make it fun,” Lyndsey said.

The North Edge Skating Academy PreCanSkate and CanSkate programs are perfect for anyone wanting to learn to skate recreationally, or those looking to receive the best foundation for their hockey, ringette or figure skating pursuits.

Ford said she’s seen too many parents put their kids into ice sports without the proper skating fundamentals.

The focus on balance, agility and control is how they prepare the skaters from the ground up.

“You have to learn how to skate first, and CanSkate’s a really good program to teach those basics and allow you to move on to any ice sport that you want to pursue,” Ford said.

Calgary skating academy great for kids

Parents with kids in the programs are thrilled with how the skating skills are taught.

“They were learning new skills every week, as well as repeating old skills that they’ve learned so it sticks in their heads,” said Kajsa Taylor-Reeves, whose five-year-old daughter skates.

“I like the instructors. They’re very positive, very caring and really willing to help out the students with any kind of problems that they have.”

Sandeep Ramdhawa has two daughters in the North Edge Skating Academy programs. Ramdhawa appreciates that the kids keep progressing together in their respective groups

“I’m pretty satisfied with all the different type of techniques they teach. Because their teaching philosophy is a little different,” Ramdhawa said.

Ford said one of the most enjoyable parts is seeing the kids progress past the early skating programs and into their respective ice sports. The kids will quite often run into one of the coaches, excited to see them.

“They’re like, “hey coach Bernie, hey coach Lyndsey, I’m on a hockey team now and, I’m doing so good!’” Ford said.

“To know that you made an impact and they remember you and they’re still out there on the ice and they got value from the time they spent with you – that’s what it’s all about.”

And for skaters looking to progress into figure skating, North Edge Skating Academy offers intro to figure skating and Skate Canada StarSkate, competitive skating and ice dance programs

Calgary North Edge Skating is now accepting fall registrations!

Register today and tell them you were referred through LiveWire Calgary for $19 off the 5-week PreCanSkate or CanSkate program.  Visit Calgary North Edge Skating Academy for more information.

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