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Edmonton man unearths Calgary treasure – $100K in gold and silver via Goldhunt.ca

An Edmonton winner has found Calgary’s $100K treasure hunt, days after the one in his own home region had been located.

Jeff Lerue, from Edmonton, bought a map for the Calgary treasure, 20 hours after the Edmonton treasure was claimed.

The Edmonton treasure was claimed by a Sherwood Park family

Lerue had been off work for two years due to a disability, figured he had an idea of where the treasure was. He waited until Wednesday, fully geared up to go out and find the final clue.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time for me,” said Lerue. “I was just denied AISH.”

Lerue plans on taking a vacation with his girlfriend and paying down some bills.

The exact location won’t be disclosed in order to protect the integrity of the other two hunts going on right now.

GoldHunt began in 2019 in Edmonton. Gold and silver pieces were buried in a treasure chest and participants had to acquire a map and clues in order to track the winnings.