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Editorial: Make this election about you, Alberta, not them

This election is about Albertans.

When you wake up this morning, know that the ability to vote and choose this province’s next government is in your hands. Literally.

It’s always been in your hands despite Alberta’s two main political foes trying to hijack your franchise with a bitterly divisive campaign designed to persuade voters there are only two options for your ballot.

They’ve made this election more about them and less about us; more about dogma than it is about democracy.  It’s time for that to change.

Our representative democracy historically has voters choosing the candidate that they believe will best represent them and their views in government. Not the one they feel they have to vote for just to keep the other guys out. Doing so, in this era of politics, ensures the extremes are ruling for their interests, not the interests of the whole.

Whether it’s healthcare or GSAs, the economy or debt, there isn’t just one party with a plan to handle these issues. They each have a plan, and it’s your job to determine who has the best one to suit you and your family.

Your role in this is to vote. Vote for the candidate or party that you feel best represents your values, the things you care about and the one you believe has the best plan for Alberta’s future.

If you need information on where to vote or what you’ll need, visit elections.ab.ca.

If you want more information on the campaign and some of the issues that matter, check out our election tab, and if you need information about candidates, hit the tab with the Calgary ridings.

If it’s a little last minute and you don’t have time to research, we suggest taking the CBC’s Vote Compass. It’ll give you a pretty close representation of what party might be the best fit for you.

We believe it’s important for you to have a voice. We want to push voter turnout so the best parts of Alberta are represented.

Take back your right to choose the government you want, not the government you feel forced to endure.

Get out and vote.