LiveWire Calgary In-house podcast – Episode 3: Arthur Kent

Kent, now 65, says it's more important than ever to document this history on the new digital media available today

Veteran Calgary journalist, Arthur Kent. CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO

Conversations with people are interesting.

Conversations with people who have been reporting on historic events abroad can be more interesting.

In this chat with long time Calgary journalist, Arthur Kent, about his newest project, a serial podcast investigating the mystery around the death of US Ambassador Spike Dubs, he talks about his time in Afghanistan and the impact Dubs’ death had on geopolitical events just prior to the Russian invasion in the early 1980s.

Kent, and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause, talk about the motivation behind chasing a 40-year-old cold case and why it’s important to tell these stories – truthfully – today.

It’s a 22-minute listen, so kick back and enjoy this interview with an award-winning Calgary journalist

You can read the story on this new podcast here.

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