Science Behind Success: Calgary leadership training delivers lasting results

Level 52's proven method utilizes high-performance sports principles to turn experts into exceptional leaders

Calgary corporate leadership expert Jayson Krause put his 10 years on Canada's bobsled team to work by incorporating high-performance athletic principles into a high-impact leadership program. CONTRIBUTED

Pursuit of the Olympic dream is something many Canadian high-performance athletes chase.

Calgary leadership expert Jayson Krause spent 10 years on the Canadian bobsled team, winning three national championships but missing a Winter Olympic berth by a blade’s width not just once, but twice.

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Years of intense training, hours of practice, meagre living, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat didn’t result in a gold medal for Krause. However, along with his formal training in leadership principles, he took the lessons learned and the skills honed as a high-performance athlete and turned them into a powerful management leadership program delivered through his company Level 52, that’s now being applied to individuals inside organizations across the globe.

Level 52’s unique approach blends high performance athletic principles, applied neuroscience and management science to build people-centric, results-oriented leaders who can navigate unpredictable environments. It’s called the Science Behind Success ™.

Executive trainer Jayson Krause has delivered high-impact results to companies around the world. CONTRIBUTED

“Most leadership consultants teach you about leadership,” said Krause, adding that science shows most of that information is lost in a week. It becomes a wasted investment, Krause said.

“Our program shows managers how to live and practice like leaders. We show them how to be leaders and give them structures to focus their attention on what’s most important – we don’t just provide them the theory and cross our fingers they apply it to their careers. This is why our clients see visible change.”

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Again, it’s not just leadership theory. There are scientific methods at play in how high-performance athletes are trained and developed. Those same tools in Level 52’s proven method help them transform experts into exceptional leaders that deliver lasting results.

At Level 52, the focus is on developing the proper leadership and high-performance mindset and how to exercise it daily – all within the time-restraints of the daily management grind.

“My team is visibly more competent and confident than they were before working with Level 52.” – Thane Schaffer, Director, Baker Hughes

They work with your management team (or prospective managers) to build a mindset and leadership practice that works for them. Managers take ownership of their own leadership plan and impact.

Level 52 calls it Extreme Intentionality. They train your leaders to be agile, high performers even when times are turbulent.

Like the finely-tuned muscles of high-performance athletes, if leadership isn’t exercised or trained consistently and with intentionality, skills are lost and performance suffers.  Even worse, you can trip at the first unexpected hurdle and cause injury.

Level 52’s proven program builds your leaders into consistent high performers that push your company forward. Find out how they can help your business in 2019.

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