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MEN’S VOLLEYBALL: MRU Cougars complete weekend sweep of Brandon Bobcats

Kayla Kievits, Cougars Athletics

CALGARY – The Bobcats couldn’t find their luck this weekend on Kenyon Court. After two very close nights of play, the Cougars come out triumphant in both matches against the Bobcats. Each set was a hard fought battle, but the Cougars pushed through for a victorious weekend. The final score of the night for the Cougars were, 23-25, 25-23, 25-21 and 25-19.

The Booster Juice Players of the game from the Bobcats Elliot Viles, and the Cougars Scott Gieske. Bobcats Seth Friesen led his teams in attacks with a total of 15. Cougars leading attacker was Tyler Schmidt with 20. Cougars racked up a total of eight team blocks compared to the Bobcats four.

Similar to last night’s match, the two teams seemed pretty evenly matched. Point-for-point seemed to be a reoccurring theme. As the first set got under way both teams struggled keeping their serve in the court. A mixture of missed serves and strong attacks from either side had the game tied at nine.

The Bisons were the first to pull away and strong defense at the net put them up 16-12 at the technical timeout. With the Bobcats building on their momentum the Cougars called their first timeout down 13-18. The Bobcats played strategic mixing offensive plays between tips and attacks. This allowed them to maintain their lead and the Cougars called their second timeout down 18-23. A few plays later and an ace from Cougars Tyler Schmidt kept them in the game 22-24. The Bobcats called their first timeout looking for their last point. When the Bobcats were unsuccessful in getting the next point they called their second timeout. An attack from Bobcats Elliot Viles ended the set 25-23.

As the second set got underway the Cougars picked up their defense at the net. They also found themselves more successful at the service line then the first set. Despite picking up their game the teams remained within a point of each other. Similar to the first set the Bobcats were the first to 16, up 16-15 at the technical timeout. After yet again going point-for-point the two teams found themselves tied at 20. Though the Cougars started the set strong serving as time went on the amount of missed serves started to increase. When the Cougars took a two-point lead 23-21 the Bobcats called a timeout. A block from Cougars Tyler Schmidt made them the first to 24, and the Bobcats used their second timeout, 22-24. A missed serve from Cougars Schmidt after the timeout kept the Bobcats in the game. The Cougars used their first timeout 24-23. A kill from Cougars Trent Mounter ended the set 25-23.

Coming off a win the Cougars were the first to take a lead. With a strong presence in the front row from Scott Gieske the Cougars were up 6-4. After continuously fighting point-for –point a double touch from the Bobcats gave the Cougars a one-point advantage at the technical timeout 16-15. The Cougars took their one-point lead and ran with it. Falling behind 3-points the Bobcats called a timeout 16-19. Only point later the Bobcats used their second timeout. A kill from Cougars Schmidt put them up 20-16. The Bobcats were unable to close the lead the Cougars had gained and a kill from Schmidt secured the Cougars win 25-21. The Cougars led two sets to one going into the fourth.

The fourth set started just as the first three. Predictable, the team’s scores were tight. Bobcats pulled away slightly 10-8 and the Cougars called a timeout. Fighting back the Cougars managed to turn the game around in their favour. The Cougars were ahead by three, 16-13 at the technical timeout. With the Cougars gaining the next point and extending their lead the Bobcats called their first timeout 13-17. Cougars Gieske was up to serve, and scored an ace directly following the Bobcats timeout. Two points later and the Bobcats used their second timeout 13-19. The Cougars knew they had the power and pushed towards finishing the match. With Mounter at the back line the Cougars kept control of the serve. Ultimately a middle kill from Gieske would end the match 25-19 in favour of the Cougars.

The Cougars will take off to face UBC Okanagan and Winnipeg before returning home to play the UBC Thunderbirds. The Cougars return to Kenyon Court on Nov. 30 for their final games before Christmas break. Be sure to check the live stats to see if the Cougars can keep up their winning streak as they hit the road.