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Exclusive: Calgary councillors will ask for CTrain crossing safety review

In the wake of multiple CTrain-related fatalities, three Calgary coucillors are asking administration to take another look at the safety of the city’s 63 at-grade CTrain crossings.

The notice of motion is being co-sponsored by councillors Dianne Colley-Urquhart, Shane Keating and Ray Jones.

It asks for a report on at-grade crossings that includes an inventory of current protection measures, including their costs and constraints, and a look at best practices in design from other cities.

It also asks administration to recommend potential programs or initiatives that could address crossing safety.

On Oct. 15, a six-year-old girl was struck by a CTrain at the crossing near 162 Avenue and Shawville Way SW. She later died in hospital.

Her parents told media that the young girl had wandered off from the home.

A man also died in a CTrain related incident on the same day although his death was not at a level crossing.

Keating, who is chair of the city’s Transportation and Transit Committee, said the deaths on that day led himself and other councillors to bring this motion forward

“We know that in every tragic event, we want to learn from that event,” he said. “We want to learn what can be done.”

He said it doesn’t hurt to do a deeper review to make sure the city is taking all possible measures and using the best practices

“We also want to make sure we look at best practices across the county and see what can be done. We know there are unique circumstances to every tragedy that’s out there, and we want to learn from that but not react in a matter that is not acceptable,” he said.

The notice of motion that will be brought forward at the Nov. 19 regular meeting of council. It asks for the report to be completed by the second quarter of 2019.