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Edmonton St. Bernards find their home in Calgary

EDMONTON — Three adult St. Bernards who couldn’t be separated because they’re best buddies have found a home.

The Edmonton Humane Society says Goliath, Gunther and Gasket are settling in with their new family in Calgary.

The society put out a call last week for someone up to the challenge of handling the three adult dogs, their $300-a-month food bill and an excessive amount of doggy drool.

The animal agency said the bulky Bernards — who collectively top out at 160 kilograms — were incredibly bonded and would get highly anxious when separated.

The society says it received more than 200 inquiries from around the world the first day.

The adoptive family has asked to remain anonymous for now, but in an interview with the humane society admitted to being “totally crazy” — but in a good way.

“We have such a good home that we can offer,” the new owners said Thursday. “We have a big yard. We have a great loving family. We knew (the dogs) would be a perfect fit for our home.”

The dogs were transferred to the society’s care from another animal welfare agency and appear to be about two years old, but it’s not clear if they’re littermates.

An agency official said their story was viewed by tens of millions of people in more than 40 countries around the world, but “at the end of the day, we could only choose one family for them.”

“The response to the story of these gentle giants — from the thousands who helped share our call for help to those who offered their homes to these dogs — was truly astounding,” animal health manager Jamey Blair said in a release.

The family reports the three Gs are playful, loveable and rambunctious.

As to what’s next:

“A new vacuum cleaner.”