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Boeing Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Calgary

An American Airlines 787-8 Dreamliner that was flying from Dallas to Beijing had to make an emergency landing at Calgary International Airport Thursday.

Linda Brock, spokesperson for American Airlines, told LiveWire that the initial diversion was for a medical problem, but there was subsequent indication of a mechanical issue.

Brock said a warning light was suggesting a problem with the flaps on the plane, but added it was just a warning light, and that the pilots still had full control of the aircraft.

She said the pilots did not need to dump fuel, but they did circle to burn some fuel in order to reduce the landing weight.

Calgary has a longer runway than Edmonton, so the decision was made to land there.

She said there were 209 passengers aboard and a crew of 13.

Another 787 was sent to pick up the passengers and take them on to their final destination. That flight was scheduled to leave on Friday morning.