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Big bonded buddies: Edmonton Humane Society seeks single home for St. Bernards

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Humane Society is looking for a family that can handle a giant adoption challenge and large doses of doggy drool.

The society says three adult St. Bernards — who collectively top out at 160 kilograms — need to be kept together because they’re best buddies and get highly anxious when separated.

Goliath, Gunther and Gasket were transferred to the society’s care from another animal welfare agency, so there isn’t much known about their early years.

They appear to be about two years old, but it’s not clear if they’re littermates.

The society says the trio arrived underweight, but otherwise healthy, and will be ready for adoption on Wednesday.

But it is warning potential owners to think hard about committing to three giant-breed dogs because of potential veterinary care costs and estimated food expenses of $300 a month.

“These three gentle giants have won over the hearts of staff and volunteers — even with the excessive drool,” said Jamey Blair, the society’s manager of animal health and protection.

“While their status as bonded pets creates a unique challenge to find a home for all 350 pounds of them, we are confident that there is a family out there who will give these three dogs their second chance,” Blair said.

“We also wanted to ensure their welfare and given the outcome of their assessment, we could not put them through the stress of being separated.”

The society says the dogs are friendly and playful, but will search anxiously and attempt to escape to find each other if separated.

Because of their large size, the humane society is recommending the dogs go to a home with older or no children and with a large outdoor area. The animals appear to be house trained and get along with other dogs.

The life expectancy of a St. Bernard is eight to 10 years.