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MEN’S SOCCER: U of C Dinos beat MRU Cougars in crosstown battle

Hailey Dirk, Cougar Athletics

CALGARY – Mount Royal Cougars took on rivals University of Calgary Dinos on Saturday at Mount Royal’s Stadium Field in the Men’s Soccer Crowchild Classic action.

After fierce competition and a Cougars lead, the Dinos swiftly caught up and closed the game at 3-2 for the Dinos.

Cougars head coach Ryan Gyaki called it a “good battle,” saying it was “fun to watch, though it was too bad to be on the losing side.”

“Overall we had a good game and we’re excited for tomorrow’s game.” he concludes.

The Cougars kicked the game off with a close effort on net led by Branden Canejo and Patson Choebefu, but Dinos goalkeeper Jake Ruschkowski blocked the shots.

Around at half of the first period, Ruschkowski left the Dinos net open and Zach MacDonald scored the first point for the Cougars. The ball idled between the teams until a shot against the Cougars net was saved by goalkeeper Kyran Valley. During the latter part of the first half the ball remained mostly in the Cougar’s half of the field.

In a clear breakaway following the Dinos control, Orest Ndabaneze scored another point for the Cougars with only minutes left of the first half. Taking back their prior control, Cristiano De Carvalho scored the first goal for the Dinos with less than a minute left.

At the end of the first half, the Cougars lead 2-1.

The Dinos came out of the second half with a quick shot on the Cougars, again saved by Valley. The two teams seemed frustrated and were both vying for the opportunity to score against the other. The referee had to tell the players to keep in clean during a corner kick from the Cougars on the Dinos’ half of the field. The tensions didn’t seem to simmer and the Dinos scored on the Cougars from a shot by Adam Huskic.

Valley refused to let them get a third goal in a row so quickly, and caught the next shot on his net. Despite this, the Cougars also seemed unable to land a shot against Ruschkowski. Valley faltered and Ryan Doering scored a third goal with 15 minutes left. With the Cougars unable to score a counter, the Dinos close the game 3-2. The Booster Juice players of the game were Moe El Gandour from the Cougars and Derek Brust from the Dinos. The Cougars play the Dinos again tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 30.

The Cougars next home game will be Saturday, Oct.13, playing against University of Alberta.