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Calgary police investigate art gallery heist, works worth $500,000 stolen

CALGARY — Calgary police are canvassing the public for information in an art gallery heist in which thieves made off with works worth about $500,000.

Investigators say last May the suspects used a saw to cut through the doors of the Gerry Thomas Gallery and stole 30 sculptures and paintings.

Police say the thieves then got into a storage locker and took up to 40 more pieces of art.

They also stole electronics and alcohol from the gallery and cash and goods from an adjacent cafe.

Police believe one of the thieves entered the gallery earlier in the day and repositioned some security cameras.

Investigators have released some images of the suspects and hope to get some tips from the public.

“They spent a significant amount of time inside the building. I’m estimating it at about six to seven hours,” Const. Pavel Adaikin said Wednesday.

He said police are making the public appeal for help nearly five months after the thefts because the investigation has run out of leads.

Adaikin said there’s hope that someone will recognize the unique art pieces and contact police.

“There’s a multitude of ways of selling that art; through Internet, private deals, some consignment stores.”

Gerry Thomas, curator of the gallery, said the thieves took just about everything.

Michell Kruger, one of the artists, had 11 pieces stolen.

She said one of the works was done by her father.

“He’s 83 and going blind so he is not producing anymore,” she said. “It’s quite devastating for me to see his artwork and all then to see all mine gone as well.”