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Calgary Police help Copperfield kids master two-wheeled cycling

When a Calgary mom needed help this week getting her kids off their training wheels, members of the Calgary Police Service mountain bike team rode to the rescue.

Adrianne Hanneson said she put the request in her neighbourhood Facebook group on Wednesday and got some responses right away to help her son Daniel, 7 and Ellie, 5.

“Their dad is not around,” said Hanneson. “Physically, I have health issues that make it difficult to run alongside and help them get off of training wheels.”

Among the people who saw her Facebook post was Constable Jeremy Shaw with CPS.

“He said, ‘Maybe I’ll send the mountain bike team out.’ And that’s what he did,” said Hanneson.

Shaw said the team responded right away.

“When I first suggested it to them they were so eager to help they asked if they needed to go buy training wheels, and offered to purchase helmets for the kids and everything,” said Shaw.

“Turns out they already had everything they needed but these officers were obviously prepared to step up and do whatever it would take.”

On Thursday evening, two constables with the mountain bike team met Daniel and Ellie at a park.

Before long, Daniel was off his training wheels, although Ellie is still working towards that goal.

Cst. Anthony Thompson with the CPS’s District 8 mountain bike team helps seven-year-old Daniel master the art of riding without training wheels. (Courtesy Adrianne Hanneson)

“She is a sweet, stubborn little girl,” said Hanneson. “She’s very competitive so she was not impressed that her brother got off his.”

Due to the smoke from ongoing forest fires in B.C., the officers weren’t actually on their mountain bikes, but Hanneson said they’ve promised to return next week to take the kids for a ride around the community.

Hanneson posted some photos on Facebook of the successful lessons and the post has been widely shared. She said she wasn’t expecting so much interest.

“I’m just super thankful and grateful for everyone who stepped up to help,” said Hanneson.