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Calgary 2026 Olympic bid website goes live… kinda

It appears you could get a first look at the Calgary 2026 Olympic website, just by entering a code that the site gives you.

Yesterday, Gamesbids.com reported that they’d found the site and pulled screenshots but was later denied access as it was put behind a password encrypted webpage.

Initially, when LiveWire Calgary attempted to access the site, we were met with the same password request.

This evening, when trying again, it went to a different site from SquareSpace, where it asked if you were accessing the trial site.

Sure, of course we were. We clicked on the Visitor Access button and it produced a password that we entered in the appropriate spot and access to the site was granted. There were no other security measures in accessing the page.

We were curious, OK?

The site opens with a montage of past Olympic pictures, with a button for English or French.

The English side is clean and simple but fairly robust with content. It looked complete as we clicked through the different areas. We didn’t access the French side of the site to see if it was equally complete.

There’s an About Calgary 2026 page, a Who We Are page, FAQ, Newsroom and Stay Connected page.

When Gamesbids.com talked with the city, they said a city manager said the site would likely be rolled out very soon.

Well, it might be sooner rather than later.

Screenshot of Calgary2026.ca website, from the Newsroom page.