LiveWire Calgary podcast – Episode 1: Dr. Reg Crowshoe and ‘Decoding Reconciliation’

Western 'written' society and Indigenous 'oral' language operating in parallel

Dr. Reg Crowshoe, Piikani Blackfoot Nation elder, who works with the University of Calgary on Indigenous engagment and strategy. COURTESY UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY TWITTER

I went down to Enmax Park Thursday for the University of Calgary’s Campfire Chats in recognition of the National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada.

While I went in expecting a standard, somewhat boilerplate story, but I left with a better understanding of the perspective of Indigenous people and how they view the world around them. I got this somewhat brief but powerful education from Piikani Blackfoot elder, Dr. Reg Crowshoe.

It also helped me understand more about reconciliation. The way he describes it just makes sense.

What he had to say compelled me to use his wisdom to launch the LiveWire Calgary podcast series. Good interviews that make us think about the world around us, help in our understanding and share in that sense of community we’re trying to foster in our city.

It’s a simple little podcast experiment that I hope you enjoy.

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