No reason to fear medical tourism

Alberta company provides support for out-of-country medical care

Is medical tourism an option for you? An Alberta-based company can walk you through from start to finish.

Medical what?  Sounds confusing, right?  It’s not!  Let us explain.

Medical tourism is the process of travelling out of country to receive treatments either not available in a decent time frame, not affordable or simply not something offered at home.  When you don’t have health options or you can’t afford the options here, medical tourism steps up to bridge that gap.

Global Health Shift (GHS), is an Alberta-based company that walks you through the medical tourism process, saving you time, saving you money and providing you peace of mind knowing someone’s got your health interests in mind – even when you’re abroad.

“Is it safe?”

“It sounds scary.”

These are comments we hear a lot.  We get it. We’ve experienced this process personally. Going this alone can be scary.  There are so many questions that your questions will have questions.  When you work with a facilitator, you know that all the research and leg work has been done for you.

At GHS, we’ve spent years researching, reviewing and evaluating the medical tourism facilities ourselves, in person.  We’ve been there, we’ve met the doctors, we’ve met the staff, we’ve toured the facilities, we’ve toured the neighbourhoods, we’ve stayed in the hotels and we’ve even found things to do in your down time!

Sounds like a lot of work right?  To us, it’s worth it.  It’s important that you have options, but it’s more important that those options are safe.  

Working with a facilitator that provides full concierge service ensures that you have someone to help with planning and questions.  You have someone on your side, in your corner, ensuring you receive not only the best possible level of care, but pricing that is not inflated because you are a medical tourist.  A facilitator can arrange as much or as little as you’d like.  GHS offers the full concierge service at no extra charge.

We stay in touch with you during your trip and we send you down with a full trip portfolio.  Every step of the way, you have one of us ‘with you’.

So what’s your next step?  Start planning on what to do with all that savings!

Call GHS today to learn more about how medical tourism can help you and your family.


T Stoodley:  403-813-7436
Tanya Greffard  587-888-9510

All this for the price of a coffee (a laté, of course) each month. Join us!

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