‘Mindful’ interior design for Calgary’s inner city spaces

Calgary's Interior Design Shoppe creating new home spaces with the future in mind

Just one of the mindful design creations from Calgary's Interior Design Shoppe.

Calgary is changing. It’s growing, evolving and pushing new boundaries.

That why it’s the perfect time to be ‘mindful’ about the interior design and renovation of our existing spaces.

Calgary’s Interior Design Shoppe, located on 8 Street and 17 Ave SW, specializes in delivering full-service interior design, renovation management and furnishing for their clients’ urban spaces.

Co-founders Sylvie Croteau-Willard and Natalie Brierley bring more than 20 years of combined experience to the Calgary design scene and specialize in delivering personalized design concepts for the city’s smaller spaces.

What is mindful design?

Oftentimes in home renovations the design is done for the here and now. Not with the Interior Design Shoppe. They put together a plan with today, tomorrow and the future in mind.

That could be the creation of flexible spaces for growing or changing families, using high-quality products that will stand the test of time or designing with your future lifestyle needs in mind. It’s about being mindful of your footprint as your lifestyle changes, so your space is functional and current for now and well into the future.

It’s about designing responsibly and efficiently, without sacrificing exceptional quality and craftsmanship in doing so.

Starting your mindful design journey

Courtesy Interior Design Shoppe

Whether you want new furnishings, fixtures or a full-scale renovation, Interior Design Shoppe provides one-on-one time in a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to begin. Let Natalie and Sylvie know your specific needs and begin to chart the course to a new home.

If you’re looking for design advice and expertise for your inner city space, or if you want a full turnkey renovation solution, Interior Design Shoppe has the capacity to tackle any job big or small.  It’s worth the free 30-minute phone consultation to take the first step towards a mindful design for your home.

Visit interiordesignshoppe.ca for more information.




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